Stress Management

Stress and its biochemical effects is a natural part of our physiological make up. Some stress is healthy and necessary after all the stress response is what allows us to operate in a fight or flight (FOF) situation. When safety from danger is achieved the normal response is to switch the FOF responses off.


The societies in which we live today and our subsequent lifestyles are not designed for the fight or flight responses. Instead due to the pressure of life; work, emotional or living in an overcrowded, noisy and expensive world the FOF responses are often not switched off and in many cases continue to run in the background akin to having a TV set to standby.


This trickle of hormone response continues to build and eventually can lead to adrenal exhaustion and hormonal dysfunction resulting in a myriad of conditions including poor immune function, depression, blood sugar dysfunctions, hypertension, weight gain, poor libido, sleep deprivation, memory loss, digestive dysfunction including bloating, IBS and constipation, mood swings, exhaustion, poor metabolism, and more.


The CAN approach is take the whole person as an entity rather than the symptoms and through our expertise in all areas of mind body and spirit we CAN restore function and wellness.