Nutritional Therapy

When was the last time you felt as energised and healthy as you did when you were young? Would you want to know how to plan your meals into a healthy, nutritious and vibrant lifestyle? Would you like to re-achieve a vibrant state of being

We CAN help you find the right path to achieving an affordable, exciting and enjoyable health and lifestyle plan through a systems based Functional Medicine Approach and dietary and lifestyle changes that CAN help you find your way back to the health you once enjoyed.

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CAN Health Consultations

We work on a one to one basis and consultations last for up to 90 minutes. During this time we will discuss results, your lifestyle and current diet and relate this to your personal goals.

An in-depth analysis of your requirements takes place, followed by a proposed strategy that has been custom made to suit your personal needs and lifestyle will be discussed. Your programme is always designed to encompass your personal needs and circumstances.

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Nutrition CAN help with:

Low energy and fatigue, weight management, Male health and fertility, stress management, female health; gut related dysfunction, hormonal Issues, obesity and blood sugar management, general nutritional advice, diet analysis.

Why not contact us on 020 8446 5988 or email us at and see how we CAN help you! Alternatively, click here to fill out our form online.

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