We live in a toxic world surrounded by products that were designed to make our lives easier. Plastics, Exhaust fumes, out gassing from household furnishings, the pesticide residues on foods, packaging materials, noise, metals all combine to place an intense load on our body's abilities to safely and effectively detoxify the threat posed by these substances. When not safely removed they can accumulate in the body tissues including the fatty tissue and can act as hormone disruptors which then in turn gives rise to a myriad of symptoms and health dysfunctions.


Detoxification should not be taken lightly and we are NOT in favour of the current trends or Detox fads that are bandied around. Unsupervised detoxification can lead to the recirculation of stored toxins that can lead to further health disturbances.


We CAN and do provide a strategically programme designed to lighten the toxic load through diet lifestyle and exercise that manages the burden and restores good health.